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Family Financial Management: Tool Box


Everyone needs and uses some type of tool(s) to make their work easier and more enjoyable and to help them complete projects more efficiently.

Working on family financial management issues also requires tools to help get the job done, and so we offer a variety of financial tools to assist you as you work with a variety of people and programs. Included in the toolbox are activities to use in group presentations on various financial topics, as well as fact sheets and worksheets to share with individuals and couples when doing one on one counseling. You might select one or many tools depending upon the audience and financial topic addressed.

As you can see from the listing on the left, we have divided the Tool Box into several categories. Some of the sections such as Ice Breakers have just a few tools while others such as Managing Income and Expenses have many tools to use both with groups or individuals.

We’d like your feedback on these tools as you use them. Tell us the tool(s) you used and how you used it, and what the response was to it. Some tools may need sharpening, and we would like to know about those, as well as any suggestions for improving them. Feel free also, as you come across good resources, to add to the financial management toolbox.

Please send possible additions to the Tool Box website to Brenda Janke at We welcome your ideas, thoughts and copies of resources! We want to keep this site current and fluid. Our team hopes to have enough content so that we can review it approximately twice a year.